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We invest in some of the startups we work with

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Because we believe in our method, we invest in some startups that we have helped to find their product market fit.

This is why we have just invested in the company PLUME which has just raised 2M€ from EVOLEM and MAIF. The startup offers parents and teachers an app to help children from CE1 to CM2 learn to write by themselves. With this fundraising, PLUME is giving itself the means to become the reference tool for teaching and practicing writing at school and at home.

Our investment criteria are the following

This investment in Plume and another company that we will be announcing very soon reflects an investment strategy whose three main criteria are:

  1. The startup must have used the hyperGROWTH method to validate its product market fit, establish its go-to-market strategy and formulate its value proposition.

  2. Communication with the startup must allow hyperGROWTH to anticipate a strategic dialogue around the startup's growth and development that justifies our continued support (as investors).

  3. The startup must receive funding from a professional investor (venture cap type), which is essential to validate that the valuation at which we invest in the startup is realistic for the investment market.

hyperGROWTH co-invests its funds with other entrepreneurs, many of whom are company directors who have applied themselves the hyperGROWTH method to their startups.

We plan to invest in 3 or 4 startups each year and will communicate very soon about a new investment in a very promising company.

The beginning of a new investment ecosystem?

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